Tuesday, January 20, 2009

PPP "Abundance" LP in Stores Today!!!


If you've been following me or Western$lapademicks for a while, hopefully you aren't new to Platinum Pied Pipers (PPP)- If you are, prepare to be amazed. Last week I got a chance to peep the advance of the album and was THOROUGHLY impressed. 

For those for who forgot, I did the OFFICIAL REMIX to this album's first single "On A Cloud", peep the my post "Chillin on a Cloud with PPP"...

I knew they would come back with some real dope shit, but oooooh maaaaaaan... This new album is on some next level FutureSoulectricPsychedelicFunkateer Shit- for the people. 

I would love to give everyone the album for free, but this shit is MUST BE BOUGHT- hard copy at that.  Don't fret though... you can download the Abundance Mixtape courtesy of the homie Kenny Fresh over @ Freshselects. Get That.

Happy listening. 

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DJ Rahdu said...

If you pick up this album and expect to hear the hip hop/soul of their previous album, Triple P, you’ve come with the wrong expectations. Abundance picks up where Triple P’s Now or Never left off. Knowing that Saadiq and Waajeed are true mavericks, you must come prepared to experience WHATEVER they have to give you, then you can quickly and more easily digest this album. Even then, it may take more than one listen for you to actually GET IT. Trust me though, the more listens the better!

Abundance begins with the current Detroit (rock/percussion heavy) sound on Angel & Smoking Mirrors (love the organ on Smoking Mirrors). From there, they let you know that Abundance is a journey into sound. On a Cloud hips you to a retro/futuristic, funky, horn laden concoction that’s guaranteed to make you move. Next, they slow it down on Sanctuary, a strings heavy, soulful, slow cooker with Coultrain and Jamila Raegan on vocal duties. Finally they take you back to the upbeat Latin dance groove (No Worries) with The Ghost of Aveiro. There’s an “abundance” of tunes here (15 in all), and of course I’m leaving some out. They’re worth the price of admission, and if Variety is the spice of life, Abundance will never reach an audio death in your iPod.

The subtle nuances of a song play a huge part in the gumbo that is Abundance. The production/engineering on this album is excellent and you tend to hear every instrument on a song which increases its potency. The vocalist(s) selected for each song compliments the track and augments your listening pleasure. Also, PPP’s ability to consistently and effectively change styles while maintaining interest is a double plus, because it prevents boredom while listening and keeps you guessing what’s next.

Coming in at just under an hour, there’s also a definite flow to the album which assists in its listenability. It’s not until the end of the album that the flow dissolves and it seems that some songs don’t belong. This album will get an ABUNDANCE of spins from me though!

DJ Rahdu