Tuesday, June 30, 2009

BackTRACKin': Jodeci- "Feenin'"

Jodeci- "Feenin'"

Now I'm sure almost everyone is up on this one. I'm putting this up because its come up in conversation more than three times in the last week.

Who's filling this void today? I'm sure we can throw out a few contenders, but really... Who?

Monday, June 29, 2009

This past weekend...

I bounced to the Stanislaus National Forest for some recreational activites... Just a few photos...

Can't wait to get back... Maybe even drag the Honor Roll with me!

Friday, June 26, 2009

The California Lifestyle that I Live...

Souls of Mischief- "93 till Infinity"

I'm ending this week(starting this weekend) with a few videos from Souls of Mischief/ Hieroglyphics... No, not just because, but for their underlying themes...

Hieroglyphics- "You Never Knew"

That's right- the blue sky, fresh air... that outdoor lifestyle that many of us in Northern California are accustomed to. I'm doing this, because I'm about to go backpacking this weekend. Yes, contrary to popular belief, I grew up fishing, scaling cliffs, and swimming in mountain lakes during the summer months.

Souls of Mischief- "Medication"

If I'm not too busy CHILLIN', I just might have some video to put up from this weekend...

Happy Trails... YEEEEE!!!!


Monday, June 22, 2009

BackTRACKin': EBTG "Each and Every One"

Everything But the Girl "Each and Everyone" and "Rollercoaster" (Live)

Okay, I won't lie... I got up on this song not too long ago. I've always been a fan of Everything But the Girl, Ben Watt remixes and al that, just never went in hella deep on past albums. When I was crate diggin' a few months back, I came up on this record. This is my $h!t... The video above is the live version of this ...

Oh yeah, and its officially of Summer here in the States. Yessss.


Thursday, June 18, 2009

PhotoFreaks: DJ Quik. Kurupt. Kev Choice. Trackademicks @ Ruby Skye SF

If you missed the show last thursday, you lost. Sorry.

However, not all is lost!

Check out the photo coverage courtesy of Suckafreeze and Stash Magazine!


Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Exclusive! 1 O.A.K. "Me & You" Live at the Academy!

1-O.A.K. - Me & You from Honor Roll on Vimeo.

New material from the Freshman of the Honor Roll , 1 O.A.K., produced by 1 O.A.K.
Listen to it. Love it.

1 O.A.K. EP coming soon...

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

"Best of DJ Quik" mixed by Matthew Africa

This week I'm in Quik mode! Haven't had a chance to hear the album yet. For any of yall that didn't know or FORGOT how dope he was... Peep this mix compiled by the homie DJ Matthew Africa.

1. America'z Most Complete Artist
2. Sweet Black Pussy
3. Loked Out Hood
4. Get At Me
5. Down, Down, Down feat. Suga Free
6. Tonite
7. Pitch In On A Party
8. I Don't Wanna Party wit U
9. We Still Party
10. Let's Get Down (Tony Toni Toné)
11. Let Me Know (Hi-C)
12. Up 'N Da Club (2nd II None)
13. Hand In Hand
14. Black Mercedes feat. Nate Dogg
15. Do I Love Her? feat. Suga Free
16. Don't Walk Away feat. Suga Free
17. Safe + Sound
18. You'z A Ganxta
19. Dollaz + Sense
20. U Ain't Fresh! feat. Erick Sermon
21. Til Jesus Comes
22. Tha Truth Is... (Mausberg)
23. Trouble RMX
24. Jus Lyke Compton
25. Trust No Bitch (Penthouse Players Clique)
26. Born & Raised In Compton
27. Summer Breeze
28. So Many Wayz
29. 50 Ways feat. Wanya Morris of Boyz II Men
30. Speed
31. Sex Crymee
32. Ni**az Still Trippin' feat. Hi-C
33. Smoke II Much (Fixxers)
34. So Good (Fixxers)
35. Can You Work Wit Dat (Fixxers)
36. I Got That Feelin'
37. Me Wanna Rip Your Girl
38. Chocolate Lover feat. Sexy Leroy & the Chocolate Lovelitez
39. One On 1 feat. El DeBarge

Monday, June 8, 2009

THURSDAY!!! DJ Quik & Kurupt x Kev Choice x Trackademicks!!!

Anyone that truly knows my musical inclinations knows that DJ Quik is in my Top 5 of artists of all time. So the fact that I am on the same bill with him has me JUICED.

The one thing that I can say about him is that he has always been ahead of the curve, able to do what others in his genre could never think of doing. Back in middle school I remember watching PBS right before Reading Rainbow was about to come on, when all of a sudden "Quik's Groove III" came on as the soundbed for the station ID!

Working with musicians like El Debarge and Raphael Saadiq, as well as a high level of live instrumentation, have only helped solidify him as a pioneer of sophisticated grown-folks gangsta rap music. Did I mention Suga Free?

If you're in NORTHERN CALIFORNIA and you ain't at Ruby Skye in SF this Thursday, that's when you're lost... In Life.


Thursday, June 4, 2009

Trackademicks with Amp Live This Friday in Oakland!!!

Amp Live Feat. K.Flay
J. Sonic

Live at The Uptown

It's rare that the sun moon and stars align in favor of Oakland's nightlife, BUT it happens this FRIDAY! If you haven't been to Downtown Oakland, you might not know that there has been a whole new crop of bars popping up, as well as the historic Fox Theater , making the blocks around the corner from Oaksterdam the new East Bay destination.

As if that wasn't enough, its going to be First Friday, which means Oakland's monthly Art Murmur is going down, like a pre-party for the show...

Come kick it with the Honor Roll IN OAKLAND!


Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Trackademicks Loves Swing Out Sister

Swing Out Sister- "Twilight World"

I have to thank my mom for the lovefest about to take place...

As a kid in the 80s, I really only listened to what my mom listened to- Wham!, Sade, Tears For Fears, Basia, and of course Swing Out Sister. These were groups I loved way before I could name a hip-hop group. About as close as it got to hip-hop in my house was Bob James' "Take Me to the Mardi Gras" or the KING OF R&B's best album "Don't Be Cruel"...

Swing Out Sister's brand of Sophisti-Pop is probably my biggest personal influences. Lush string arrangements, solid topic matter, fresh chords, and intelligent pop sensibility- a lot of the ideals I use to guide my own brand of SOPHISTI-SLAP (yes, term invented by me).

"Twilight World" is my favorite song from them, followed by HELLA others...

I only bring all this up now because I get to see them for the FIRST TIME EVER at Bimbo's in San Francisco- Tonight!

And I'm taking my mom.
Do I seem excited?


Monday, June 1, 2009


San Ilya- "Bellisimo"

This song was on a Revlon comercial a few years back.
There are some dope songs on the record, "Bliss" and "All For Melody" being my favorites.