Monday, August 31, 2009

BackTRACKin': Zion I- "Inner Light"

I remember running around back in '98 as a teen, chasing down anything that had to do with hip-hop; Telegraph Ave in Berkeley, Hip-Hop, in the Park, KPFA and even La Pena Cultural Center. Wherever I could get a fix of the four elements, I was there, hahaha... During that time, Zion I was on the come up, doing HELLA local shows in promotion for their project Mind Over Matter.

There were two gigs that stand out in memory. One was at one of the pier's in SF for some nonprofit youth event. I remember being there with my Youth Radio family, watching Zion I perform when somehow, I ended up with a mic in my hand rapping along side Whiz with Amp Live manning the decks on some open mic steez. Back then, Amp Live used to rock live with an Ensoniq EPS. I was always intrigued by that. Its funny that just yesterday I was performing with him at Outside Lands.

The second time was at La Pena in Berkeley. I'll never forget how crackin' it was with high school students. When they dropped "Inner Light" I went crazy... Back then it was some crazy shit; A group in the Bay rappin' over Drum n' Bass influenced beats. That stuck with me. And I still have the cassette single...

Saturday, August 29, 2009

VIDEO: Jokers of the Scene- "Baggy Bottom Boys"

Jokers Of The Scene "Baggy Bottom Boys" from Mr Goldbar on Vimeo.

The homies Jokers of the Scene have finally dropped the video for their dancefloor smash "Baggy Bottom Boys"... Prepare your eyes for some Craziness. Don't go into a seizure.

Also, peep this unofficial edit of the video done by DJ Ayres and Harry awhile back, cutting in footage from "Big"... I love how this works out, especially at 3:37.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Pulled Aside, Pushed Apart.

The new video from the big homie Lyrics Born featuring Lateef. Skate over to his site for a free download.

Peep the flying heads... You'll never know who you'll see...

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Outside Lands in SF This Weekend

Last year I had the "chance" to go to the opening night of San Francisco's Outside Land's Festival.

I got to will call and to my surprise, there were TWO tickets... no just the one I was counting on. As I walked away from will call, a sudden impulse of greed struck me. I ran into my homie who couldn't get in... I sold him the extra ticket. I then thought about the amount I could make on my remaining ticket. The Dark Side overwhelmed me and *poof*... the other ticket had been sold. As I walked away, unsure of my decision to take money over music, I suddenly became sure.


The whole reason I came was to see a group I had never seen before.
A group I had been a fan of for over 10 years at that point.
A group that doesn't get out this way much.
A group that had purple lights flooding the night sky over Golden Gate Park as they performed my favorites off of OK Computer... Yes. I sold out on RADIOHEAD.

I still feel bad about it because I have yet to catch them live. Still.

So here it is again. Outside Lands has come back around, and although its Radiohead-less, I'm going to make sure I'm there. Mainly because I'm performing with Amp LIve for a couple shows.

The first is an Outside Lands night show at The Independent with Street Sweeper Social Scene this Friday at 9:30pm.

The second is at the Festival on the Experience Stage from 4:30-6:30pm on Sunday.

SF I will see you there! For SURE this time!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

In the Studio with XLR8R Magazine

The current issue of XLR8R Magazine, Issue # 128, is out now! And guess what... They did a spread on yours truly for the In the Studio feature . If you were ever interested my gear and approach, this sheds some light on all that.

You can download a pdf of the issue HERE or read the article HERE .


Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Chill With Me and Feel the Breeze...

... We do this everyday!

Or at least every rooftop party at the Standard Hotel in Downtown LA!

Video courtesy of Glenjamin.


Wednesday, August 12, 2009

LA!!! Get Ready this Saturday...

Once again LA... It's going down THIS SATURDAY at the Standard Downtown.

If you forgot about how we rocked it last time... Get Familiar! (peep the background, Hahaha...)
Get Familiar!


Monday, August 10, 2009

HNRL @ HVW8: Exclusive DJ Tap.10 Mix!!!

From the HVW8 Blog:

We got the DJ Tap .10 (Honor Roll/Trackademicks) LIVE with the bay area flavor at the HVW8 Gallery podcast now posted.

It’s the perfect ‘Summertime Mix’

1. J Sands & Flying Lotus - Mages Sages (Light A Dub) (Instrumental)
2. Muhsinah x Jake One - You (Jetboat)/Boozina Remix
3. The Nonce - Mixtapes
4. Too $hort - In The Trunk
5. Keak Da Sneak - Oakland
6. J Stalin - Millionaire Status
7. Trackademicks feat. Teedra Moses - Face The Music
8. Sa-Ra - Bone Song
9. Bjork - I Miss You (Dobie’s Sunshine Rub)
10. Spank Pops - Beautiful Noise
11. She’s Always In My Hair
12. Andre 3000 - She Lives In My Lap
13. Discovery - Orange Shirt
14. J*Davey - Hi Sun
15. ?uestlove/Foreign Exchange/Zo!/Carlitta Durand - Purple Flip
16. Teedra Moses - Say Lil Mama
17. Dam Funk - Nyghtryder
18. Tell Me I’m Not Dreamin’
19. P.Y.T. (Demo Version)
20. 1-O.A.K. - Me & You
21. Give It Up (Trackademicks Edit)
22. Aurra - Baby Love
23. Stacy Lattisaw - Dynamite!
24. Surface - Falling In Love

Listen on the HVW8 Podcast page.

or Subscribe for free on iTunes

Photos from the LIVE podcast HERE .

Friday, August 7, 2009

Ask Me How I Feel...

I'm Good

The Clipse- "I'm Good"


See you tonight !

Thursday, August 6, 2009

We still ON even in The Off Season.

Check out this brand new mixtape from FWMJ’s Rappers I Know and Funkadelic Freestyles, Mixtape Volume I: The Off Season.

They are definitely showing the Honor Roll some love, with Tracks from Spank Pops, 1 O.A.K., and yours truly!

1. Soulful! “Intro”
2. Danny Brown “That’s Just The Way It Goes”
3. jben.ok x Dela “Introductions”
4. Senor Kaos x DJ Spinna “Summer Madness (ATL Remix)”
5. Che Grand “Life’s Grand” featuring Nicky
6. Spank Pops “Beautiful Noise”
7. K-Beta “Summershine” featuring Shydi
8. Akrobatik & Mr. Lif ”Beast Mode”
9. Nicole Hurst “When You’re Gone”
10. the OTHERSIDE “Ms. Cloud 9″
11. Finale “Agony” produced by nick tha 1da
12. Truthlive “80’s Baby”
13. 1.O.A.K. “The Lovecats”
14. Oddisee “We On To Something”
15. jben.ok x Knowledge “The Newest Addition”
16. Trackademicks “Nothin’ On Me”
17. Lyriciss & Pro’Verb ”What You Mad For” produced by Soulful!
18. Houston Rock Its “The Beast”
19. X.O. “All Around The World” produced by Team Demolition
20. Kay “Sloboogie” featuring Franchelle
21. Scanz “Vibrations”
22. Kokayi “Prayer”
23. jben.ok x Chris “Daddy” Dave “Outro”

Get It HERE!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

This Is What We Do.

Hi, name is Trackademicks. You might know me from such songs as "Tanyademicks" and "Everybody Rock!". When I'm not producing and/or rapping on hit records, I'm probably producing and singing on them.

And this is just that!

Tanya Morgan- "What We Do" feat. Trackademicks (prod. by Trackademicks)

Oh and did I mention you can purchase it... HERE.

Awww Yeah.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Thugs Need Love Too.

Hardcore Gentlemen - "Hardcore Gentlemen"

No really. Thugs DO need love. No matter how aggressive they come off.

Oh, and I bet you didn't know how thugged out the Honor Roll was either! Count the HR shirts in the goon squad. Now double that and add one. That's how many Honor Roll students are in the video... So don't get us upset!

Oh yeah, shout out to Tanya Morgan for coming to Oakland to shoot this gutter masterpiece!