Thursday, January 15, 2009

Real Talk: Love What You Do and Do What You Love

Sade- "Keep Looking" Live

I guess you can say that 2009 has gotten of to a promising start. Productivity is at an all time high. I've been in the studio with 1 O.A.K. knocking out a lot of material for his project and its sounding ridiculous. Lately. for some reason, whenever we finish a song, we seem to be getting IMs from folks telling us that there is "civil unrest" and "rioting" just outside of the studio. Its a tense time in Oakland. I attended the Rally today for BART police murder victim Oscar Grant. The rally was held right downtown and was very peaceful. I guess after the March something got out of hand, resulting in Wells Fargo's windows to be all busted. But like last time, I saw none of it, as I was Doin' My Job.

When it comes to this music, stayin' on task is so important. Just like anything worth doing, it takes hard work. I've been on this grind for a few years now and its safe to say that things are way different than before. Better. I was in a session with Mistah F.A.B. just the other day... we were catching up on music and life. Its funny, because you realize how much time flies when you don't see someone on a regular basis. For both of us, things have changed. From studio hopping all day and peddling CDs to anyone that would listen, to making music all day and trying to feed those listening.

I guess it hasn't changed THAT much.

Having my eye on the "prize" (whatever that may be) has given me a reason to keep getting up everyday and keep battling up hill to make a real social impact with this music. Its MORE that just dope beats and dope rap/vocals. Music is what gets people through the tough times. Times that Oakland and dozens of cities having at this very moment. Times when your heart hurts.

So I'm gonna continue to do what I gotta do to get where I wanna get... That means making what I wanna make, so folks can hear what they need to hear. Oh and Loving what I Do, Doing What I Love.


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