Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Peace out "Get Straight '08": Its 2000Grind.

Trackademicks- "Happy Birfday To Me!!!" LIVE @ PST Capricorn B-Day Celebration 12/28/08

Okay, now I know I kicking a dead horse here... but when the horse is a stallion, you gotta say you did it right? If that doesn't make any sense don't trip- I'm extra delirious from pulling an all nighter. It would have been more eventful, but one of our Yay Area rap superstars flaked on the session, so I ended up making some menacing soundscapes instead.

However, I digress. The above clip is footage of the most epic Birfday I have had to date. And halfway through the clip it gets better... Just because you read that Hyphy was "dead" in some publication, doesn't mean the Bay forgot how to go DUMB.

Also, below are a few photos from NYE at Club 6. Thanks for everyone that came out. It was a blast.


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