Friday, January 16, 2009

[Re]Up: The [Re]Mixtape Vol. 2


This is looooong Overdue. Apparently the zshare link for "The [Re]Mixtape Vol. 2 had been broken for some time due to some zshare issue. So now, power has been given to the people- Choose ya own damn download service! just make sure you download, ESPECIALLY if you haven't heard it before.

I am currently in the midst of working on another FREE offering in promotion of my upcoming Fool's Gold 12" for "Enjoy What You Do" b/w "Topsidin'" feat Moxmore, so be on the lookout... And one day, if I'm feeling generous, I MAY throw up The [Re]Mixtape Vol. 1... If you are lucky enough to have it... feel free to spread love across the land.

Have a FRESH weekend!


sophistiphunk said...


Shea Butter said...
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Shea Butter said...

The file is empty, when I try to upload it, it doesn't work.


I've already heard it, would just like to have it; I love the sound.

Let me know if it gets fixed please and thank you :)