Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Chillin' On A Cloud With PPP

The first time I ever got a chance see Platinum Pied Pipers was back in '04 at Milk in San Francisco. They had already dropped the "Ridin' High"/"Open Your Eyes" 12", but I still wasn't sure what to expect from them. At that point the group was more hype than buzz in the Bay, but after seeing the show it became evident that PPP was something to pay attention to. And to put icing on the cake, the show introduced us to two women who have proven they to had something to offer the game: Tioimbe Lockhart and Georgia Anne Muldrow. I officially became a fan it all.

I finally got to meet Waajeed at Magic in '06. Dope dude. His only advice on the industry was simple. "Get Your MuthaF#@$%& Money!".

How insightful.
No really.


The fact that this remix actually happened shows that Tap and I actually have the power to will things into existence. I can't explain it, but somehow, through a string of events, I knew this would happen. When I finally got the acapella, I instantly fell in love with Karma's vocals. I decided to bring the track into my realm, while still preserving its funk roots. The horns in my version arent the same horns from the original. I wanted to mimic the original, while bringing a sampled element to it. The only request/guideline I recieved about the direction of the remix was to keep it on the dancefloor. So I had to keep it electric.

Go and buy it.
Buy it now.
The wax is available in stores.
It's on Itunes.

Get that, Get that!!!!



Gregorio said...

You can catch PPP at the afterparty for the Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival at Southpaw July 12th 9pm. Go to brooklynbodega.com for more info.

ninamendoza said...

Nice insight, thanks for posting that.