Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Sky is the Limit.

I had the chance to check out an advanced screening of Notorious last Thursday. I thought it was cool. It it Pretty much dramatized everything we saw in the 90's about his rise and fall. I thought the casting was funny at points... Anthony Mackie as Pac didn't really sit well with me. He was all charisma and no depth, no Thug Passion. They should have gotten Saadiq from PPP or that dude that used to always be on Jenny Jones instead...

Other than that, Naturi Naughton (of 3LW fame) was pretty entertaining.

Oh yeah, and the fake Puffy's dancing. I miss the the Puffy that used to dance like a muppet. Now he's too busy trying to save the world...

This isn't really intended to be a review at all...I'm not really trippin' if you do or don't see it, do or don't like it.

I really just wanted to post the "Sky is the Limit" video. I would have posted "Everyday Struggle", my favorite BIG song, but there was no official video. So Sad.

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