Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Live: Trackademicks "Nothin' On Me"

Last weekend I had a chance to get down at the San Francisco date of the Fool's Gold Vs. Dim Mak Tour... It was crazy... Shout out to Nick Catchdubs and A-Trak for lookin' out for your boy... I also brought out the Honor Roll with me...

Live: Mike Baker the Bike Maker "The Chase" (prod. by 1 O.A.K.)

Stay Tuned...

RMXTP2 Liner Notes: "Give It Up"

Sade “Give It Up” (Re-Edit)

I could sit here and attempt to articulate the importance of Sade in my musical universe, but that would be like trying to explain why the west coast is refered to as the “Fre$hcoast”; If you can’t comprehend if you haven’t been! Either way it goes, I’ve been a Sade fan from jump. The sophistication in their sound was fresh departure from the technologically akward sound ruling much of 80s pop. While working on the [Re]Mixtape Vol. 2, I kept asking myself “what would put this over the top?” I had already went out on a limb, giving a face lift to “Oh Sheila”… I wanted to remix something that was off the radar, but would have folks wishin’ why they didn’t think of it. In fact, the whole idea about doing remix projects came from two of my favorite artists, one being Sade with Remix Deluxe and the other from…Bobby Brown’s Dance! Ya Know It!… I’m not playin’ either!

Back in high school, the homies who helped me get into production did an uptempo re-edit of Sade’s “Like a Tatoo” on some breezy-soulelectro-80’s-dance steez… I think I have it on a minidisk somewhere… Anyway, I went through all her albums and came across “Give It Up”. The track was sparse, perfect. I decided to “plug it into the socket”, electrify the track. My approach to this track was totally different than any other. Because the tempo was organic and imperfect like a drum machine, I didn’t pre-program the music. Instead everything I added on top of the track was played all the way through, from the four-to-the-floor kicks to the Juno synth swells. This method was how I first started making beats; Dual tape decks, a Casio keyboard, and Super NES’ Mario Paint in high school (for you New Jacks, it was damn near $1000 to get in the game with samplers and workstations… Free rips of professional soft synth sequencers like Fruity Loops and Reason weren’t around yet!). The track came out exactly how I wanted…Oh yeah… this is a “re-edit” and not a remix… Your homework is to figure out the difference and get back to me!

Sade-Give It Up.mp3

Monday, April 28, 2008

RMXTP2 Liner Notes: "That Girl"

Pharrell “That Girl” feat. Snoop Dog (Trackademicks Remix)

This was the first remix I did after reviving the Band Room from the fire in late ‘06. This remix is funny because I knew exactly how it was going to sound two months before I made it. At the point I decided to make the remix, I hadn’t even recouped my equipment yet. I beatboxed the arrangement on to my PDA while driving. If you ever have the pleasure of rollin’ up beside me on the freeway, prepare to be entertained; I put on a good show… The car is where most of my ideas stem from.

When I finally got most of my equipment back and everything setup, I made a couple beats and started working on it. Snoop is one of the fre$hest out there, super consistent. I really wanted to hear Snoop on another hype, so I took it there. I did the track with the Juno-60 and the Nord Lead, finally finishing it up with some help from my brother on guitar.

Pharrell- That Girl (Trackdemicks Breeze Mix).mp3

Friday, April 25, 2008

Lyrics Born is Everywhere At Once

Lyrics Born "I Like It, I Love It" Jimmy Kimmel Live 4-18-08

This past tuesday 4/22 the big homie Lyrics Born dropped his new album, Everywhere At Once. Over the last year and a half I've had the chance to be involved throughout the whole process, producing "Cakewalk" feat. Baby James and me, as well as "The World Is Calling" feat. Joyo Velarde. I also did drum programming on numerous other songs on the album. I also performed at the record release party . Check it out...

RMXTP2 Liner Notes: "Let It Go"

Keyshia Cole “Let It Go” feat. Trackademicks and Josie Stringray (Trackademicks Remix)

DJ Tap.10 is a funny dude. As the official A&R of the Honor Roll, you can hear his ideas at work through a lot of the music we do. He is a vital part of the crew’s creative process. With that said, he never really lets the power go to his head by making outlandish demands. But when it comes to Oakland’s own Keyshia Cole it’s a different story. He a was like, “J, you HAVE to do this remix! Keyshia’s from here… It only makes sense!” I already knew it was hard for Tap to resist a good flip of the classic Mtume break. I didn’t need too much convincing since “I Changed My Mind” was one of my favorite remixes off the first [Re]Mixtape. I laced this remix in the same vein as the original. I wasn’t trying to too far off with this one, just stay right in the pocket. In order to finish this one, I had to get Josie to “let it go”… ¡Voila! ¡Holla!

Keyshia Cole "I Changed My Mind" (Trackademicks Remix) .mp3

Thursday, April 24, 2008

RMXTP2 Liner Notes: "Come Get It"

Yummy Bingham “Come Get It” (Trackademicks Remix)

The first time I ever heard Yummy’s voice was on the De La’s “Much More”. I’ve been a fan ever since (can I just say that I’m hella mad that the Rayne album never dropped!). It’s funny because her voice is hit or miss with a lot of people.
From the moment Tap played this song for me, I knew exactly how I wanted to flip it. Because the original was and some grandiose street-funk-pound steez, I decided to take it in a totally different direction. I knew I had to double-time it because there is so much energy in her voice. I wanted it to be a little less hard-edged and more electric-bubble-pop and fun. Originally, I never intended on jumping on the remix, but it only made sense after listening to the direction it was going in.

I originally remixed this track unofficially for the Spring Progress Report, which I dropped in late March 2006. Tap managed to get the remix placed on Yummy’s fan site. At the same time, the popularity of the Spring Progress Report was growing, helping it gain visibility. A few months later it was picked up by Universal/ Motown in the UK. Apparently, the label had already released the single in the UK, but felt like releasing the remix would help create more excitement for her project. This remix served as sort of a sign for me in probably one of the worst times in my life, as it was released in the UK literally one day after my studio had burned down. This was my first official remix, so I couldn’t stop when the ball was already rolling…

The Rayne "Didn't You Know"

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

RMXTP2 Liner Notes: "Hollywood"

Trackademicks and 1 O.A.K. “Hollywood” (Exclusive)

Honor Roll Call…
Introducing the Fre$hman, 1 O.A.K.!!!

Don’t Sleep… You might miss your new favorite producer/artist from your new favorite crew…For real though, 1 O.A.K. has been an integral part of this Honor Roll machine, producing Josie Stingray’s “Doin’ My Thang”, Spank Pops’ “Hangin’”, and Mike Baker The Bike Maker’s “The Chase”. Above is a photo of him in the Red Bull Big Tune producer battle... He repped the HR all the way to the finals in Seattle... And just like me, he isn’t held captive behind the boards. It was DJ Tap.10’s idea for me to flip this, so I decided to enlist 1 O.A.K. to bring it full circle. Be on the look out for much more from him very soon…

In my opinion, this is one of Sa-Ra’s dopest beats… Just the right amount of everything. A lot of folks are familiar with the Bilal version of the track, but aren’t up on the Sa-Ra vocal version. Mash that up with a reinterpolation of Chaka Khan & Rufus’ “Hollywood” and there you have it. A classic tale of a chick suckin’ on fame to maintain in the name game. And yes, if you’re stuck in the game, please wrap it up… STDs and unexpected children are the fastest way to take you out the game for a permanent vacation on the bench. Thank you for your cooperation!

Sa-Ra "Hollywood" mp3. (taken from a 2007 DJ Tap.10 mix...)

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

RMXTP2 Liner Notes: “I Want You Back”

I usually don’t touch songs I love this much. I went back on that rule more than a few times during this [Re]Mixtape. When first heard this song I was instantly hooked. At the time, I was going through it. Raphael Saadiq is one of the best producers, if not the best, from of the Bay. This was by far the most mobbin’ song on the album, an offering already full of slap. “I Want You Back” was one of the two songs on the album featuring Teedra Moses, the other being “Chic”. Teedra’s debut album Complex Simplicity was pretty much my favorite album of 2004… It definitely got more burn than any other record I was listening to that year. On that project, Saadiq produced and featured on “Take Me”, where his signature strings and guitar provided the PERFECT cupcakin’ soundtrack.

I really did this remix to pay homage to two of my favorite artists. When approaching this remix, I wanted to bring that “future-throwback” sound, on that new millennium Cherelle & Alexander O’Neal steelo. Eventually I would love to work with both of them. Rephrase that. MUST work with them. Both. This isn’t the first time I remixed either of them. Check out my rework of Saadiq’s “Rifle Love” on the first [Re]Mixtape. I also did a remix of Teedra Moses’ “Be Your Girl”…

Raphael Saadiq “I Want You Back” feat. Teedra Moses.mp3

Friday, April 18, 2008

RMXTP2 Liner Notes: “WesternSlapademickTenderSmobbinCosmicMusic”

The first time I heard OutKast in middle school, I couldn’t get it out my head. “Players Ball” and “Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik” were the probably some of the most important records in my musical foundation. The musicality appealed to my love of west coast hip-hop at the time. The way Dre and Big Boi bobbed and weaved in and out of that good doubled-up rhyme style was similar to how rappers got down in Oakland. Everything from the music, to the image, to the message was so deliberate. The term “Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik” was such a fresh and articulate way of describing a sound so multifaceted. Not to mention it ushered in a new era for southern hip-hop.

So when it came to inevitably having to throw my brand of music in a category for the sake of explanation, I took a cue from the best group in hip-hop (yes, I said the best), and threw my own term together. I could breakdown all the slanguage in the term “WesternSlapademickTenderSmobbinCosmicMusic”, but I'll let the music speak for itself…

Outkast “Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik” mp3.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Gettin' It In, In the City of Sin!

Thanks for everyone who came out to the show at the Beauty Bar in Vegas... The show was off the hook!

Here are a some photos courtesy of Neek for The Hundreds... Fa Sheez!


I'm going to start posting liner notes to the The [RE]Mixtape 2 tomorrow... So, don't cut class!


Monday, April 14, 2008



VEGAS STAND UP!!! The Honor Roll will be in your area tomorrow... I must say, the last show I did in Vegas for Magic last fall was off the hook... Moxmore and I were the only HR Reps in the building... The show was such a success that rest of the crew had to come out... Shout out to KashLuv for making it happen... Again!


Stay tuned for the The [Re]Mixtape Vol. 2 liner notes this week!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008



The [Re]Mixtape Vol.2 is FINALLY HERE!!!!

After many, MANY months of waiting, The [Re]Mixtape Vol. 2 is finally here! If you haven't had the pleasure of catching us at a show or in traffic, then get ready...

In the upcoming days I will be posting a series of liner notes right here about each of the tracks on he The [Re]Mixtape Vol. 2, so check back frequently... I'll also be posting exclusive mp3s to go along with them...

Treat this link like a some good gossip and SHARE it with EVERYONE you know (or would like to know... wink wink)!