Tuesday, May 6, 2008

RMXTP2 Liner Notes: "Trilogy"

Kelis in GQ, August 2006

Okay. Now anyone who knows me knows that my [primary] celebrity crush has been Kelis since I first got familiar from the ODB video and heard “Caught Out There”. She single-handedly paved the stylistic freeway for many of these “alternative urban” females… She was a hero to many young women looking for a way to express that edge, but couldn’t find an outlet within the pre-existing boundaries of mainstream hip-hop or r&b. I had the kaleidoscope-colored Kelis poster on my college dorm wall like a pre-pubescent groupie. I digress before I even begin…

Anyway, when Tap gave me this acapella, I approached it as if it were the woman herself. Of course I wanted to touch it, but I had to do it right, or I’d never have another go around. Originally, the first dude she was with had her moving at fast pace. Not too fast to where it wasn’t enjoyable (it's my favorite song on the album), just more aggressive. Personally, I like to take my time with situations like this. I decided to move a lot slower, soak up every moment I had with her, as if I might not ever get another chance at it. There we were, in no rush to get to her “galaxy”. We had all the time in the world. I think I put it down, gave a good performance, as she said “Thank You, You” after we were done... Hopefully when I see her again, for the first time, she’ll remember the effort I put forth and invite me up to do it again… Until then, I’ll have this moment on repeat. Luckily I recorded the whole thing.

Superbly Celestial.
Incredibly Intergalactic.
Entirely Eargasmic.

This is what I call “Bed Music”, fitting for a “Perfect Day”… I know Kelis knows what I’m talking about. Ok, enough of the antics…

Kelis- Trilogy.mp3

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