Friday, May 30, 2008

RMXTP2 Liner Notes: "Goodbye Girl", part 1


1 o.A.k. - Goodbye Girl

Before the end of July, I'll finally release the "Tender Knock"
mixtape so that the world will know about this subgenre of music that
DJ Tap.10 coined over 6 years ago, LOL! But it turned out that this
song has nothing to do with that…

I had the idea for Track to remake "Goodbye Girl" because the original
Go West version would sound dope "tenderized"… the song already had a
Tender Knock sensibility. Of course, Track took it in a totally
different direction, like he usually does when doing a remix, or
remake in this case. I was geeked though when I heard the final joint
with the vocal stylizings of Honor Roll freshman, producer ternt
saingerrrr, 1 o.A.k. Also, as a final touch, it was my platinum idea
to have him sing the outro "… so don't say goodnight, say
goodbyeeeeeeeeeeee", as a reference (and play on words) to
Blackstreet's classic "Before I Let You Go". This joint is definitely
one of my favorites from The [Re]Mixtape Vol. 2.

*Peep the Trackademicks Remixes of "Rifle Love" and "Regrets" from the
first [Re]Mixtape for a better understanding of the Tender Knock
genre. Yeeee!!

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and i had the opportunity to be there while it was being recorded. awwww