Monday, May 5, 2008

RMXTP2 Liner Notes: "Topsidin'" feat. Moxmore

Trackademicks “Topsidin’” feat . Moxmore, Live @ Superfriends w/ Nick Catchdubs, Milk Bar SF

Both Moxmore and I were born in Alameda, Ca. Alameda is an island “off the coast of the ‘Town” (Oaktown, for all those stuck in 1990).

We have a beach.
We have coastal parks.
We have yacht clubs.
We have Kite Surfing.

Yes, growing up in “The Coney Island of the West Coast” (that’s no joke) exposed me at a young age to a bunch of life’s trappings… trappings I couldn’t afford. Coming up in the Bay, I developed a fondness for the outdoors and infatuated with the nautical lifestyle. When it comes to recreation and leisure, Northern California is as good as it gets. You’re in within driving distance to the mountains of Sierra Nevada, the snows of Tahoe, the deserts of California, the beaches of the Pacific Coast, and everything in between.

“Topsidin’” is the state of mind that this lifestyle breeds.

It’s Jetsettin’.
It’s Chillin’.
It’s Livin’ the Life.

Trackademicks "Topsidin'" feat. Moxmore, Live @ YoYo NYC w/ Mark Ronson & Aaron LaCrate for Mark Ronson's Birthday Bash

I had this beat for about a week before I decided to use it. The chord progression kept calling my name. I came up with a hook for this one came so easy. After laying it down, I played it for Moxmore. It was a no brainer. He laid his verse down and ever since then its been on.

If you’re unfamiliar with Moxmore, get ready. I’m confident in saying that he is one of the best.

Writes hella quick… WITHOUT a pen.
Punch lines forever.
Daunting stage presence.
Can bench-press your family.
Acts like Lloyd Christmas.

Truly an emcee’s emcee. No Sarcasm there. Nada.

Trackademicks & the Honor Roll "Topsidin" Live for the Fool's Gold Tour @ The Mezzanine SF

As you can see in the videos, this song gets the job done. Look for Topsidin’ on the upcoming "Enjoy What You Do"/"Topsidin’" 12” from Fool’s Gold Records later this summer… along with the music video...

“We’ll Surf on a Plane If We Got To Go…Topsidin’!”

Cheers suckas.

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