Wednesday, May 7, 2008

RMXTP2 Liner Notes: "Got U Hooked"

1 O.A.K & Trackademicks “Got U Hooked”

The first time I heard this beat, I was at Pacific Standard Time, one of SF’s fre$hest weekly jumpoffs. DJ Sake One threw this instrumental on at the end of the night. I had to ask. When he told me who it was, I felt like an idiot, should have known that one! After hearing the original, I was turned out. Eventually, I got the idea to remake it, playing the role of the “whipped individual”. I wrote the hook and co-wrote the rest with 1 O.A.K. (and yes, the “Pookie” reference was his genius at work).

Fast forward a few months. Back at PST on a Thursday night. This time the Honor Roll is performing. We perform “Got U Hooked”. Immediately after the show, my homegirl keeps asking where we got that beat from. I insisted that it was Three 6 Mafia. A few days later she hits me with a myspace comment saying that Three 6 got the beat from a song called “Roll With Me” featuring T.I. by Co-Ed. You learn something new everyday.

Three 6 Mafia- "Pussy Got You Hooked" featuring Remy Ma.mp3

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