Wednesday, May 14, 2008

RMXTP2 Liner Notes: "Bullets"

Music Video: The Editors- "Bullets”

The Editors are dope. Before I did this remix, all I had heard from them was “Munich”. After hearing the album, “Fingers in the Factories” became a favorite of mine. I was feeling the sound already, so when the homie Catchdubs asked me if I was down to do something for the Editors remix project on Fader Label, I gladly accepted. I ended up doing two remixes, one for “Bullets” and the other for “Camera”.

Originally, the basic idea behind the “Bullets” Remix was to juxtapose the vocals with a dark soundscape, almost on a DJ Shadow-esque trip-hop vibe. The vocals were very expressive, so I wanted a remix that exposed the emotion and feeling of the original. A lot of times, I have a tendency to ramp up the energy in a track as it ticks along without a hint in the beginning. However, with this one felt like going hard in at the beginning and backing off when the verse began so I could build back up to it. The final result was a lot crazier than I had anticipated. Super Synthetic, with arpeggios everywhere. With this remix, I used the Juno-60 for the arpeggiated bass line and the ASR-88 for everything else.

The Editors- Bullets.mp3

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