Friday, April 25, 2008

RMXTP2 Liner Notes: "Let It Go"

Keyshia Cole “Let It Go” feat. Trackademicks and Josie Stringray (Trackademicks Remix)

DJ Tap.10 is a funny dude. As the official A&R of the Honor Roll, you can hear his ideas at work through a lot of the music we do. He is a vital part of the crew’s creative process. With that said, he never really lets the power go to his head by making outlandish demands. But when it comes to Oakland’s own Keyshia Cole it’s a different story. He a was like, “J, you HAVE to do this remix! Keyshia’s from here… It only makes sense!” I already knew it was hard for Tap to resist a good flip of the classic Mtume break. I didn’t need too much convincing since “I Changed My Mind” was one of my favorite remixes off the first [Re]Mixtape. I laced this remix in the same vein as the original. I wasn’t trying to too far off with this one, just stay right in the pocket. In order to finish this one, I had to get Josie to “let it go”… ¡Voila! ¡Holla!

Keyshia Cole "I Changed My Mind" (Trackademicks Remix) .mp3

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