Monday, April 28, 2008

RMXTP2 Liner Notes: "That Girl"

Pharrell “That Girl” feat. Snoop Dog (Trackademicks Remix)

This was the first remix I did after reviving the Band Room from the fire in late ‘06. This remix is funny because I knew exactly how it was going to sound two months before I made it. At the point I decided to make the remix, I hadn’t even recouped my equipment yet. I beatboxed the arrangement on to my PDA while driving. If you ever have the pleasure of rollin’ up beside me on the freeway, prepare to be entertained; I put on a good show… The car is where most of my ideas stem from.

When I finally got most of my equipment back and everything setup, I made a couple beats and started working on it. Snoop is one of the fre$hest out there, super consistent. I really wanted to hear Snoop on another hype, so I took it there. I did the track with the Juno-60 and the Nord Lead, finally finishing it up with some help from my brother on guitar.

Pharrell- That Girl (Trackdemicks Breeze Mix).mp3

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