Thursday, June 3, 2010

Liner Notes: Zion I and Grouch "Lift Me Up" (Trackademicks Remix)

Previously on Trackademia...

Most people who know me would agree that I'm a mellow fellow. Chill for real. I have to attribute that to this Northern California lifestyle.

The Water.
The Mountains.
The Vibe.
The Communities.

Everything about it is real understated. Not over the top. Real Solid.

When I was approached by Amp Live and Om Records to do this remix, I was juiced to get the chance to reinterpret through my own stunnas. I basically wanted to represent that Northern California chill that many people feel when they visit.

When I hear this, I think of late afternoon when the sun's glare fills my eyes as I skate across the Bay Bridge...

Get my version right here.


Grab the [RE]Mixtape Vol. 3 HERE!

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