Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Liner Notes: Jazmine Sullivan "Need You Bad" (Trackademicks Remix)


The thing that got me really into remixing was the fact that you can take an artist's finished arrangement and interpret it in your own way. I've always tripped about how great songwriting lends it self to interpretation by many genres.

Ever since hearing "Lions, Tigers, & Bears, I've loved her voice. That track does a perfect job of supporting such a dynamic voice and message. "Need You Bad" carried the same weight vocally.

When I first considered remixing the original, I knew I wanted to "soften it up" a bit, while creating a sense of urgency and forward movement. The message of this song is so sincere. A cry of desperation. You don't want to drown out emotion like that, especially with a voice like Jazmine Sullivan's.

My decision to jump on the remix was both stylistic and personal. I was going through a similar situation at around that time. And in my experience, life is definitely the best inspiration. Nothing like it.

Something happens, we walk away/
But not too Far like Rockaway/
Both get mad, dont talk for days/
But somehow this ones not the same/
I hope you checked my blog today cause honestly I got a lot to say/
My heart it stays in chronic pain/
Like it got its name from Dr. Dre/
Between the fightin' and fussin' and cussin'/
and lustin' and lovin' and leavin'/
There's something I needed, believe it, I see it, I mean it/
I mean it seemed to me that we could reach the zenith or Eden/
No need to pretend, Its you I needed.

Oh yeah, P.S.

Somebody deserves a lecture for omitting the WAAJEED-produced "Without You" on the Fearless. Just sayin...

Grab the [RE]Mixtape Vol. 3 HERE!

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