Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Liner Notes: Joyo Velarde "Certain Special Way" (Trackademicks Remix)

I remember seeing her back in the day at the now defunct Maritime Hall performing her timeless song "Sweet Angels". Since then I always thought she had the craziest voice. Soulfully Operatic.

So when presented with the chance to do a remix for her upcoming project, I was excited. After listening to all the tracks, Tap and I thought "Certain Special Way" was the one I could flip the best.

My Idea for the remix was to bring it back to a cross between that "Champagne Soul" and that "Tender Knock" (as coined by Whiz and DJ Tap.10 ).

Not quite sure what that is exactly?

Just peep my verse in the remix:

The way I am, the way we are, keeps me thinking Rated-R/
Business for grown folks, no jokes and no games/
Wit you, aint gotta play at all, In it for the long haul/
Keep your body on call, I'll put out all these old flames/
Tie up these Loose Ends , Tell me am I premature/
I'm sendin' out an SOS , just give me what I'm feenin' for/
Let me make this Kleer, you hotter than a furnace/
I want your Juicy Fruit , this aint just on the Surface /
Let me ask, How Deep is Your Love /
You can whisper in my ear its a secret for us/
Wit you ain't no reason to play the field/
I'm sayin' for real, thats just the way I feel.

If you thought 808's were just a Reason refill, I'm here to tell you , tell you there's something more! If you've peeped my productions, then you know how important the the Roland TR-808's legacy is to me. And not just me, but all modern, electronic-based music as a whole.

And as far as "Champagne Soul" and "Tender Knock" we here in the HNRL have only touched the surface...

Grab the [RE]Mixtape Vol. 3 HERE!