Friday, June 4, 2010

Back[Track]in': Ras Kass "Miami Life"

I was just doing some CyberCrateDiggin' today and came across this instrumental one of the folders.

I used to slap this like everyday in high school.

So Fresh Coast.

The beat always sounded like cloudy day on Miami Beach. You know, where everyone is in their own world.

From the Old Folks to the Tourists to the Cocaine Cowboys.

A world where one man's paradise is another's purgatory.

It's funny because this song is off of the movie The Substitute. Never saw the movie, but it remember back then, troubled high school kid movies were all over; Dangerous Minds, High School High... LOL.

Personally I like 80's trouble kid teachers.

Joe Clark.
Jaime Escalante.
Rick Latimer.

Tangent over with.