Friday, December 26, 2008

::Exclusive!!! Stadium Status::Happy Birfday to Me!!!

New Classic Material: Trackademicks- "Happy Birfday To Me!"

A gift for the vain at heart for your very special Born Day... Play it LOUD, Say it PROUD.... "Happy Birfday To Me!"

Written By ME*
Produced By ME*
Arranged By ME*
Shot By ME*
Edited By ME*

ME* is Trackademicks!


Come out this Tuesday to 330 Ritch in SF for my birthday celebration @ PST. This tuesday is like the Birthday Edition... Hella Capricorns in the house so you know you'll be in good SOLID company... shout out to L-Peezy, and all my other December Caps!

uFck Yeah!!!

8 comments: said...


SOOPS said...

on the floor loling

Dom. I Dig. said...

this. shit. is. the hit.

Smart said...

Happy BIRFDAY!!! I Love it. It goes dumb intelligent. yessssss

Lambo said...

thats classic status!

seher said...

next club hit. haahhahaha i thoroughly enjoyed the larger screened version (aka not mike's bb).

"why's he spellin birthday wrong, though? is he spelling birthday wrong? i think he's missing a letter."


you ghost ridin the camera at one point it look like.



Oh soo vain said...

fellow cap, happy belated man. i hope you lived it up like I did ;)

miss ya!

Kyle said...

Talented. Im following you on twitter @DJKayRich This song hella goes by the way. You put it out for download? Definitely will play this in the club and on the radio