Wednesday, December 24, 2008

6 Degrees of RANDOM: Child Chorus, Tevin Campbell, Prince Movies and Poetry.

Here is an example of the Child Chorus used in a non-post-apocalyptic setting- and probably the best execution ever. I mean its just a merry wonderland of old folks teaching happy children the joys of creating angelic music. I should recreate this with MPC's and ASR's and preteens... This video reminds me of the place I used to work...

Tevin Campbell & Quincy Jones- "Tomorrow"

Tevin's touching video got me thinking about Graffiti Bridge, which I just saw for the first time last week. Interesting film... kinda like the sequel to Purple Rain... for the sexually charged, spiritually awakened 12 year old. No, really.

So many bright colors.

And Ingrid Chavez.

Dancing. To 909s laid by Prince. Reciting Poetry.

Speaking of poetry, "White Collar, Blue Collar, Pop Yo Collar"!

And of course... All this got me thinking about my favorite Prince Movie, Under the Cherry Moon... WRECKA STOW!!! (8:45 into the clip...)

Under the Cherry Moon

Oh Yeah, more Tevin, covering Prince's "Shhh (Break it Down)"

Ok, I'm done!
Merry Christmas Eve... And Happy BirFday to me on FRIDAY!

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Noetik said...

What is Tevin Campbell doing these days? Dude had a grown man demeanor since a kid lol...word!