Thursday, October 9, 2008

Exclusive: Janelle Monae "Many Moons" (Trackademicks "Y'all Better Shut Up" Remix)

Janelle Monae- "Many Moons" (Trackademicks "Y'all Better Shut Up" Remix).mp3

Every since I got up on Janelle Monae, I have been in her corner, hoping that her vision would someday unfold in front of a sizable audience. So many times, those with of amazing artistic statements get overlooked because their marketing budgets aren't there to bring them to those that need to see it the most. This is why I champion artists like Janelle Monae, J* Davey, and Muhsinah.

As a teen, being exposed to high concept, yet popular, "mainstream" music was essential in my development as an artist. The visibility of groups like the Roots, Outkast, and Radiohead in the 90's made it easier to see that there was a whole world of artists who valued high artistic ideals. They were fortunate enough to have opportunity bring it to the "regular" person, people who weren't "hip", "cool", or "down with the underground".

My aim has alway been to bridge gaps between the Known and Unknown. For many people, an artist like Janelle Monae represents that Unknown. So when I was asked to remix "Many Moons", I jumped at the chance.

My aim with this remix was to thoroughly address the roller coaster of Ms. Monae's musical theatrics, bringing the listener on a journey through changing soundscapes.

That's pretty much it... Peace!


Joonas said...

If this won´t be a hit soon I´m amazed. Thanks for the mixtape, it made my day when I thoguht nothing could save it...

adriel said...