Friday, October 17, 2008

Town Thizzness presents J. Stalin "Gas Nation"

This week J. Stalin dropped his album "Gas Nation" courtesy of Town Thizzness. On the project is the first song I ever did with Stalin, "Millionaire Status" feat. R.O.B. This song is still one of my favorites. Stalin, with his melodic flow, is one of the most unique artist out here in Oakland. When deciding what type of beat to give him, the main guidelines were BREEZE, MOBB, and SLAP... in that order. Stalin is a huge early mid 80s soul fan... right up my alley.

Also on the album, fellow Honor Roll student 1 O.A.K... Singing the hook on "My Mind" produced by Traxamillion.

We recorded "Millionaire Status" in early '06... on my ibook... In my apartment's closet...

J. Stalin- "Millionaire Status" feat. R.O.B. mp3

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Davey Boy Smith said...

One of the Stalin's greatest tracks. Glad I found your thoughts on the track. Classic.