Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The People Want Change.

Change is in the air. I inhaled a bunch of it walking around SF yesterday. True, its that time of the year where the seasons are changing, but what I got a whiff of wasn't from the chimney. Not from the rainclouds. Not from the ocean breeze. Nope folks... I'm talking about social Change. A Change driven by the people. People like you and me.

Change is not stagnant.
Change is not solid.
Change is not stiff.
Change is not sameness.

Change can bring hope.
Change can be hard to accept.
Change can be unpopular.
Change can lead brighter future.

Yesterday the people voted for change. They chose hope. They chose the unbeaten path... They chose...


You know how we do!
In Yo Face, Suckaaaaasss!

Specifically, I received a 2008 Guardian Outstanding Local Discovery Award
... a GOLDIE yall!

If you're in the Bay, go pick it up! If not, you can read my full page article right here!

Bay Area Stand Up!


Okay, I think I'm done now.

Oh yeah shout out the the other winner last night... It's about time we had an "Other" running this country!


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Nicole said...

And that's was up!!! Sooo proud of you Jason! we doing big thangs here out in the BAY!