Monday, March 24, 2008

Lyrics Born Interview


Before I say anything, back in '97, Latyrx' "Lady Don't Tek No" was the DOPE- and still is (its on my ipod as we speak). It Mobbs as hard as a song can Mobb without being Mobb Muzik... Its right up there with E-40's "Sideways", The most mobbin' song EVER!

With that said, I met my homie Lyrics Born on a fluke. I was being interviewed by Weyaland on Hardknock Radio in mid '06, talking about some of the artists I was interested in working with, one of which happened to be his wife, Joyo Velarde. It turns out that she happened to be listening to the interview and called the station. I ended up becoming real cool with them and got a chance to do some work on this Live album.

I'm excited for his upcoming release, Everywhere At Once. I did a handful of Tracks and some programing on the album, as well as a verse on "Cakewalk"... The Album is droppin' on April 22. Get That.

Art of Rhyme- Lyrics Born Interview

Lyrics Born- L-I-F-E feat. Mistah F.A.B. mp3

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