Monday, March 3, 2008


I must say that I had blast this weekend.

This past Friday I supported Wale at Mighty the NoisePop festival here in SF. The show was off the hook. Mighty isn't know for having the best sound, and the stage was only like 10' bx 2'... Hella Small! Despite this, a good amount of people from the front to the back were right with me the whole time. I must say the Honor Roll was in full effect.

If you came out, Thanks... If you have pics/video...Holler at me!

Saturday got off to a late start but free cocktails @ Diesel wasn't a bad way to kick off the evening. After that, we hit a karaoke spot w/ some folks, had a chance to butcher Tears For Fears' "Head Over Heals". Then we hit Poleng Lounge to catch the Daz I Que of Bugz In The Attic for a DJ set... Broken beat soul, crackin' as usual...

After that we skated over to Mighty, where 3/4 of SF's population were crammed in one room to catch MSTRKRFT... It was Complete Mayhem... Just in case you aren't hip or forgot... MSTRKRFT used to be Death From Above 1979, and although I'm sad "Black History Month" is over, if they had never switched it up, we wouldn't have gotten this...

MSTRKRFT "Easy Love"


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