Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Liner Notes: Chromeo- 100%


I've always like the Chromeo sound. So when I got word from Fool's Gold about remixing this for promotion they were doing with Bacardi, I was juiced.

One of my favorite things about this remix is the sax solo. For those who are unaware, I played the sax from fourth through twelfth grades. I guess you could say I was mediocre at best. Always around third chair in the section, once making second chair. I used to play the Baritone Sax because I was the biggest kid in the class. I was primarily in concert band, with a [very] backseat role in jazz band.

Basically I sucked.

It wasnt that I wasn't talented. I just hated practicing. Scales? Bari Sax arrangements of Bolero? Wamp and wamp.

I was bored.

What I did learn how to play half way decent was the synth melody of RBL Posse's "Bounce To This" (peep a young ass pre MTV-Sway in the video). I also used my Bari Sax in my early "Casioke" (Casio Keyboard and Karaoke) recordings. I'm about 99.9% sure yall will never hear those. They were wonderful(ly horrible and amatuer. Teens today are waaaaaaaay ahead of where we were musically, LOL).

I guess what I'm getting at is that I never put in the effort to get good enough to play a solo like the one on this song.

That's will be changing though... and I have the record to prove it!

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