Thursday, August 27, 2009

Outside Lands in SF This Weekend

Last year I had the "chance" to go to the opening night of San Francisco's Outside Land's Festival.

I got to will call and to my surprise, there were TWO tickets... no just the one I was counting on. As I walked away from will call, a sudden impulse of greed struck me. I ran into my homie who couldn't get in... I sold him the extra ticket. I then thought about the amount I could make on my remaining ticket. The Dark Side overwhelmed me and *poof*... the other ticket had been sold. As I walked away, unsure of my decision to take money over music, I suddenly became sure.


The whole reason I came was to see a group I had never seen before.
A group I had been a fan of for over 10 years at that point.
A group that doesn't get out this way much.
A group that had purple lights flooding the night sky over Golden Gate Park as they performed my favorites off of OK Computer... Yes. I sold out on RADIOHEAD.

I still feel bad about it because I have yet to catch them live. Still.

So here it is again. Outside Lands has come back around, and although its Radiohead-less, I'm going to make sure I'm there. Mainly because I'm performing with Amp LIve for a couple shows.

The first is an Outside Lands night show at The Independent with Street Sweeper Social Scene this Friday at 9:30pm.

The second is at the Festival on the Experience Stage from 4:30-6:30pm on Sunday.

SF I will see you there! For SURE this time!

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