Monday, August 31, 2009

BackTRACKin': Zion I- "Inner Light"

I remember running around back in '98 as a teen, chasing down anything that had to do with hip-hop; Telegraph Ave in Berkeley, Hip-Hop, in the Park, KPFA and even La Pena Cultural Center. Wherever I could get a fix of the four elements, I was there, hahaha... During that time, Zion I was on the come up, doing HELLA local shows in promotion for their project Mind Over Matter.

There were two gigs that stand out in memory. One was at one of the pier's in SF for some nonprofit youth event. I remember being there with my Youth Radio family, watching Zion I perform when somehow, I ended up with a mic in my hand rapping along side Whiz with Amp Live manning the decks on some open mic steez. Back then, Amp Live used to rock live with an Ensoniq EPS. I was always intrigued by that. Its funny that just yesterday I was performing with him at Outside Lands.

The second time was at La Pena in Berkeley. I'll never forget how crackin' it was with high school students. When they dropped "Inner Light" I went crazy... Back then it was some crazy shit; A group in the Bay rappin' over Drum n' Bass influenced beats. That stuck with me. And I still have the cassette single...

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