Thursday, July 23, 2009

Love Makes Everybody Rock.


For those who know me know that Teedra has been a one of my FAVORITES for a loooooong @$$ time. So much that I've remixed her a few times...

Its no secret to anyone that her debut record Complex Simplicity was my favorite record of 2004.  It was the soundtrack to more than a couple complex "situations" I had.  

Fast Forward. It's 2009. A second official release from Teedra is way overdue. And somehow, I'm directly involved with the process. 

Coincidence? I don't believe in coincidence. I believe that everything happens for a reason, whatever that reason may be. 

So far, we have a few songs in the making, including one for my upcoming project, State of the Arts

There isn't too much to say about "Everybody Rock!" that isn't already said.

"Let's Find Heaven... Let's Fall in Love." 

Why yes,  Let's. 

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Haylow said...

Dope man...Keep Doin ya thing!