Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Trackadeezy Down Under

Okay, Okay, super l
ate pass in order.

I got a chance to go to Australia for the first time this past Spring on tour with Kid Sister and Melo-X for Creamfields Australia.

Two Weeks. Canberra, Sydney, Perth, Brisbane, Melbourne.

I had a blast.

The Indian Ocean, Perth.
I've always wanted to go to Perth since I was a kid. I think it has to do with the name as well. Perth. It just seems so far from everything. I actually learned while out there that it actually is the most isolated major city in the world.

West is a 10 hour plane ride to Africa.
South is Antarctica.
East is a 1675 mile drive to Adelaide.
North is about a 2500 mile drive to Darwin.

Yes, the Aussie BK.
Sounds a bit more Mannish than Burger King.
And I'm sure Hungry Jack could beat Jack in the Box's arse.

Attention Americans. Pack underwear if you plan on going down under. At least while the Australian dollar is around 90 cents American.

Lesson. Don't Arrive to the airport late. We were the last to board. My bags didn't make it on the flight. Quantas gave me a $300 stipend. I thought "Cooool". I get to the mall to buy underwear and some show clothes.


$169 Polo shirt. $159 Levi's. $35 socks. I can go on for days with this list. If you're from Australia, you'll come here and have a retail field day.

Needless to say, I figured it out.

First car I see off the plane in Canberra. Class Act, Down Under anyone? Where's Kid & Play?

Apparently, you're not supposed to walk across the street... You have to Tap Dance. Love the fashion forward street signage.

Sydney. My Porkpie Hat chillin' on the table at Spice Monkey. It was a very dark spot. Food was good. The walls showcased Asian women's faces. Nothing more, nothing less. Hmmmm

Perth. Daytime show at Creamfields Australia. Those kids realllllly love to party.

Brisbane. 6:50AM. Loved it here. We were really only there for one day but it was FUN. Nice tropical weather. The show here was AMAZING. In front of at least 20,000 folks. Met a some great people... Shout out to Mz. Boss!

Breezy Brizzy had a dope looking downtown too.

Melbourne. Okay, so I'm a BONA FIDE Californian. This means I know Mexican food. GREAT Mexican Food. And while I was out in Melbourne it was Cinco De Mayo. I highly considered going into Taco Bill for a shot of Don Julio... But for some reason I didn't think Taco BILL would ring my Taco ...


Melbourne. Vegie Bar on Brusnwick St in Fitzroy to be exact. Now, anyone who knows me knows I'm not a vegetarian. Kinda hard for a Filipino/Black kid raised on beef, chicken, and pork. BUT that didn't stop me from demolishing this Lentil Burger. Craving it.

A week earlier in LA I was at Simply Wholesome with TeroneRoyal and Whiz. Vegetarian/Vegan paradise. Who says peer pressure has to always be negative?

Not my Stomach.

Melbourne. On the way to the show. The obligatory "In the Zone" Shot.

We spent five days in Melbourne. I had time to run all over the place. Very dope city. Reminds me of San Francisco. The street art and graffiti is SUUUUPER Fresh. Hip-Hop is definitely alive and well out there. I even got into a cab with some random folks who ended up knowing who I was, yelling "we got Fool's Gold in here!" Whoa...

On top of that, I did some dope clothes shopping... I'm an Addict, What can I say?

I must go back.

Somewhere over the Pacific Ocean, en route to LA, just at dawn. The new Quantas A380 super jet has this Dope Skycam on the tail of the the aircraft. You really feel like you're doing it big. Its CRAZY during takeoff and landing.

I'll be back. Soon. Mark my words with a Sharpie.

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