Sunday, March 14, 2010

"Its Not Too Late To Mend That Life of Yours..."

Hello World.
I'm at the Academy in Oakland right now literally in the middle of remixing this DOPE ASS song from this DOPE ASS band from Stockholm, Sweden...

Its funny because a lot of the time as a remixer, I'm in straight producer mode, tossing aside my personal artistry to drawn from the artist being remixed to make the remix feel more like a collaboration than a remix. In a nutshell, I'm usually most in tune with the music and the feeling, but not always the themes lyrics contribute to the whole entire listening experience.

As I'm sitting here, going through the normal motions (routinely with a lot of $h!t of on my mind... I'm a Capricorn, what can I say), I'm finding that this song is EXACTLY what I need at the moment. I've heard the song for the past week and infinite amount of times, but I never really HEARD it till this moment right now.

Its crazy because I'm like that with most music. If music is presented to me in the wrong context, chances are I probably won't feel its depth. Its those instances where I hear something and I feel like the artist is talking to ME. No one else. I just had one of those moments.

So what's the "meaning" of this?


Of the failures.
Of the missed opportunities.
Of uncontrollable circumstance.
Of the indecision.
Of the broken promises.
Of the Girl...

Of the life you WISH you had.

Take care of THIS one. You only get one exactly like this. And its direction is not set in stone. Its YOUR life. No one else's. No one has the ability to love you better than you. In the way you need them to. Even if they could, what guarantees do you have that they would. None...

"Its not to late to mend that life of yours. Your loves are repairable."

But first, no matter how hard or easy it is, you have to "LET GO".

Its only a State of Mind away...

*This has been a Personal Service Announcement.

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