Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentines Day from Teedra (and me of course)!

Happy Valentines Day to all the Lovers out there.

Here is well appreciated Valentines Day gift from Ms. Teedra Moses, right in time for all the lovers out there...

Teedra Moses- The Royal Patience Compilation

I produced "Kisses Never Tasted So Sweet", "Everybodyrock!", and "International Playboi"...

Its always a pleasure working with someone with such a great talent and strong vision.

Hope yall enjoy!

Love is not just the word of the Day; It's the Truth Everlasting.

Love is Life. Love Life. Love Love.


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April said...

I swear the tracks you produced are all my 3 faves.. I'm a huge fan of Tee & I just wanted to show you some love too. It's so refreshing to hear great music so big ups to you!
~Lite N Lovely~