Thursday, October 8, 2009

BackTRACKin': Prefab Sprout- "Appetite"

Prefab Sprout- "Appetite"

I wasn't up on Prefab Sprout until a couple months ago. I got interested after hearing about Thomas Dolby's involvement in this project. After hearing the album, Steve McQueen, I was thoroughly satisfied. There's a very contemporary feel to the music. It almost sounds as if it could have been made today. Real Breezy. Real Clean. Real Sophisticated.

There are a few gems on the album... I'll let you find them if you're so inclined. It's okay to work for it. 

Work hard. Play hard...

Oh Yeah. Tell if I'm trippin', but isn't that Luther Vandross at the 3:28 mark?!?!? Hmmm...

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iezahya's Jive said...'s just another black dude with Luther's haircut

-Space Ghost